Audience Toolkit Review – Build Highly Targeted Audience On Facebook with Social Media Automation Software

Simple Social Tools' Audience Toolkit is a software that aims to help you grow your targeted business audience on Facebook.

Audience Toolkit is a Chrome extension that works for both Windows and Mac Platform. It was designed to automate the repetitive social networking and other content engagement tasks that many marketers need to do to succeed with social media.

One feature of Audience Toolkit is automating personalized messages sending. It saves a lot of time if you're building massive connections in social networks. Another useful feature is the Requests Cancellations. It prevents you from spending countless hours clicking the same button repetitively. It saves a lot of time with just a click if you need to cancel thousands of unresponsive pending friend requests. This feature will help you stop wasting time with people not responding to your friend requests and then you can submit new requests.

Social media is a numbers game, and everyone's time is limited, using software to automate repetitive social media tasks is vital to online marketers looking for a cost-efficient and time-saving way to boost their business.

Social Media Tools software for every online marketer.

Some Features of Audience Toolkit:

  • Easy to use interface, 100% beginner-friendly.
  • Target your audience for any niche.
  • It allows you to add friends much faster, help you grow your business profile to 5000 friends quickly.
  • It helps you to add targeted friends to many social profiles.
  • You can build a Targeted and Engaged Audiences while sleeping.
  • Increase your social networking activity to drive better results for your business and increase sales.
  • It can send attractive personalized messages automatically.
  • It helps you connect with newly engaged friends quicker by sending predefined messages.
  • It can filter your messages by date & time or skip messaging specific contacts.
  • It can automatically like profiles, photos, videos, and posts.

The average social media marketer spends about 4 hours on social media platforms every day, while Audience Toolkit users spend about 1 hour daily, interacting with only the most qualified prospects and potential clients.

If you are doing business online, you probably know the importance of promoting your business on social media, and the most important social network is Facebook. With more than 2.2 billion active monthly users on Facebook, having an excellent Facebook presence and engagement has become a necessity.

With Simple Social Tools' Audience Toolkit software, It will save you tons of time by automating common social activity for you. It’s a powerful tool for anyone that wants to tap into the incredible power of social media marketing, for almost any business, online or offline.

By combining the power of social media marketing and software automation, Audience Toolkit will give you access to a powerful traffic-gathering system that will give you leverage over your competitors, while increasing your business and saving your time and energy.