Private Label Rights

Make Money by Selling Others’ Products as Your Own, Legally

In this article, I’ll tell you something about selling other people’s products legally as your own, and tell you how to make money in the same way.

In internet marketing, Private Label Rights (PLR) is a license where the author sells most or all of the intellectual property rights to their work. The license is defined by the author of the work and has no legal definition.

Everyone can buy PLR products and resell it under own name to make some or even much extra money online, legally.

The problem is: many vendors are offering PLR products online, but the quality of those products often varies greatly. In fact, many of them are poorly made or copied from someone other.

If you buy low-quality PLR products, you will have a hard time reselling them. It would be a waste of money and time.

So what PLR product provider should we choose?

Although there are many bad PLR providers in the market, there are still good ones. Today I’ll introduce one of the top PLR vendors and tell you how to make money by using the products they provided.

IDPLR, one of the top vendors among the many PLR producers. IDPLR has been in operation for many years and continuously releases new works. They have thousands of free and paid products that you can use to earn money online and change your lifestyle by earning a decent amount.

You can resell thousands of products from IDPLR and start earning today. With IDPLR products millions of people make millions of dollars through ClickBank, where IDPLR runs their affiliate programs. ( ClickBank is an online retailer proving secure payment processing, with an extensive affiliate network. )

You can sell eBooks downloaded from IDPLR on your own website or your social media pages without any issue.

You can use IDPLR videos in your YouTube channel to promote something and start earning commissions from the vendor you referring to and Ad income from YouTube without any copyright strike.

You can sell software & website templates from IDPLR on your own website and any third-party platforms.

You can also use articles from IDPLR on your blogs & social networks to promote something, or just enrich your contents.

You can access 200 IDPLR free products and 2 Gold products with a free account. If you want to access more IDPLR products then upgrade to gold membership.

Here is the Gold membership price list.

Gold membership for 3 months $39.
Gold membership for one year $69.
Gold membership for a lifetime only 89$. ( Recommended!)

Their price is very affordable and competitive. You can recoup the costs of the lifetime Gold membership by selling just several copies from tens of thousands of products. It’s easy!

IDPLR add new products to their website regularly. If you want to make money, in the long run, I suggest you buy their Gold membership for a lifetime.

In addition to reselling IDPLR products for a profit, you can also make money from referring new users to their website. You can earn a commission when anyone signup for a FREE membership with your referral link. IDPLR pays you $0.20 per referral. If any of your referrals upgrade to Gold membership then you can earn a 35% commission on the amount they pay.

Finally, I have some suggestions to anyone who wants to make money by using IDPLR products: edit the PLR product before you start selling it! Read through the original material, add your own understanding to the product to improve it.

Because creation is productivity, innovation leads to traffic and sales. Although PLR products bring us a lot of original materials, we need to add our own content to create brand and value, and then create a lot of wealth!

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