Vultr Cloud Hosting Review – a DigitalOcean alternative

Update 2/17/2020: For a limited time, Get $100 Vultr Cloud Hosting Credit if you sign up for a new account via this link and deposit $25 or more to your account.

Are you looking for a fast and cheap cloud host? Or perhaps you are looking for a DigitalOcean alternative? Looking for a cloud hosting solution with fast SSD VPS cloud servers with 100% KVM Virtualization? Then check out Vultr. Read our Vultr review to find out if they’re any good and if you should use them.

Vultr is a hosting provider of high-performance SSD cloud servers, Give your host a speed boost with 100% Intel and 100% SSD cloud platform! Vultr aims to create the most reliable and efficient hosting service around the globe.

Vultr deploys the latest generation Intel Skylake processors for new deployments of 2GB or bigger plans. Geekbench results show a significant jump in CPU performance compared to the already high-performance Broadwell architecture.

David Aninowsky founded Vultr in 2014, and the team behind Vultr were also the guys behind both Choopla and

With over 15 years of experience, they are one of the most trusted cloud hosting brands in the field.

Vultr offers 100% solid-state drives cloud VPS with the latest generation Intel CPUs. It provides easy to use and feature-rich control panel. You can choose between 16 low latency locations around the world, and you can get your server instance running in 30 seconds.

Vultr’s cheapest plan is $2.5 per month, but I suggest you start with their $5 plan for most cases.

For a limited time, You can sign up for a new account via this link and earn $100 in account credit if you deposit $25 or more.